Bubble Dress

Sewn for Project Run & Play’s January Challenge:

DSC_2460 DSC_2433DSC_2457

Pattern: Based on Alida’s Bubble Dress plus the bodice from Sew Easy Being Green with very small changes to the shape of the neckline.


Fabric: Wool blend from Ragtime Fabrics. Bought it to make myself a skirt, but decided it’d be a great bubble dress. I might actually still have enough to make myself a skirt… if I wanted to match my four-year-old…. which I might. The lining, also from Ragtime, was a total nightmare. Just fraying all over the place. Even though I cut the bodice and lining at the same time, the lining came out ridiculously off-kilter and way too small. So I used my handy-dandy new piping foot to make this green piping (first time ever making my own piping) to finish it up. Love the purple & green, especially on the back (which I considered calling the front).


Problems: Oh my word, figuring out the right side/wrong side/inside/outside business. I thought it through over and over and in the end… the lining is inside out (so those fraying edges… yeah, totally exposed. But I’ll finish them off).

Lottie’s Response: “Mommy, I LOVE IT!” Happy to put it and refused to take it off. Also I let her jump on the bed.


Overall, I just adore it. I make it large enough that she can wear it with a turtle neck underneath so it should work for winter and spring, if she’ll just stop growing. This is a 4T, and it fits pretty well. For now.


Look! Another sewing blog!

The current purpose of this blog is to document my sewing projects for 2015. I harbor no illusions of quitting my day job any time soon, but hopefully this will help me to be more dedicated to the craft, more daring my attempts, and more confident in my skills.

Let’s do it, 2015!