Mini Mod Peacock Dress

Sewn for… a distraction from a super anxious and stressful week.

Peacock Dress 2Pattern: This is the Mini Mod Dress by Sewing in No Mans Land. It looks like she has taken her patterns down temporarily, I think to scale them up or something, but they’ll be back. I’ve sewn this pattern I think three times now. It’s such a quick sew and such a cute fit. I shortened the sleeves a bit.

Peacock Dress 3Fabric: I got this gorgeous peacock print from JoAnn’s at least a year ago and just never really had the right project for it. This week, we’ve been stressed waiting on some test results, and my anxiety has been through the roof, so I just had to grab something and start creating. This cotton is actually a little stiff and coarse, even though I prewashed it. I love the deep colors and the gold touches. Maybe it will soften with time. It’s just what you get from JoAnn’s I guess. The satin for the belt/button was originally intended to be for an Elsa dress, but I wound up using it for the Blue Flower Dream Dress (pictured at the top of the blog, which I have not actually blogged about, but should).

Peacock DressThese pictures are a little weird because Lottie downright refused to do a photo shot this morning, even though I let her watch an extra episode of Octonauts AND promised her a special treat. So I had to sneak these shots with my phone while we were looking at plants a Lowe’s. Sneaky Mommy needs to invest in a children’s dress form.

Peacock Dress 4Lottie’s response: in spite of her refusal to do a photo shoot for me, she really did like the dress. She wore it to church and kept it on almost all day (hence the wrinkles), until I had to remind her to change into play clothes to work outside with Daddy. She got loads of compliments on it at church. This color is really flattering on her, and the pattern is such a nice fit. I’m hopeful that it will get a lot of wear, even though the fabric is a little rough.


Roar Shorts + Shirt

I’m kind of freaking out about the cuteness of these shorts. The shirt: eh, details below. But these shorts, man! So cute!

Roar Shorts 2

Pattern: I finally broke down and bought the Kid Shorts pattern from MADE. I didn’t want to spend money on it, but I really wanted to figure out how to do flat front shorts. I thought it would be tricky. Little did I know… the tutorial is on her blog and I didn’t really have to buy a pattern anyway. And not really very tricky. But, hey, support someone doing something cool, right? The pattern has a lot of variations, including boy and girl sizing, it comes together quickly, and I’m sure I’ll be using it a lot. It is also shaped a bit more precisely than other shorts patterns I’ve tried, so I think it’s a winner.

Roar Shorts 1

Shorts Fabric: Tiger Stripe from the Zoo Menagerie collection from Westminster. When I first saw it, I thought it was ghastly. I (however stupidly) told Lottie she could pick whatever she liked from the clearance section at Ragtime. She was so enthused about this that I couldn’t say no. Actually she wanted this one and a blue version that was, I think, penguins. I made her pick one. Now that I see it in these cute little shorts, I think it’s fabulous. I ended up having to do in-seam pockets because the direction of the print meant that I couldn’t eke out enough for the front pockets I wanted. I added the buttons because a dash of pink really increases the odds that she’ll wear any given article.

Roar Shirt

Shirt Fabric: The shirt. Ugh. Stupid shirt. This yellow shirt was made from a hand-me-down from my mom, who said it didn’t fit her right. Well, it didn’t fit me right either. So I used The Cottage Mama’s Pocket Smock Top pattern to scale it down to a kid-sized shirt. WHICH DOESN’T FIT LOTTIE RIGHT EITHER! It’s like this shirt was doomed to failure from day one. She claims she likes it, but it doesn’t fit very well at all. It’s too short in the back and the arm holes are too small. I finished the arm and neck holes with a bias binding, so there’s not enough stretch (but the pattern was made for wovens… so… what’s up with that?). Also, my machine nearly ate the ears off that poor applique tiger. So she wore this outfit to a birthday party, where she promptly got a big stain on the shirt. It just really wasn’t mean to be. The shorts more than make up for it though.

Roar Outfit

This would have been great for Kid’s Clothing Week, but I was just too darn busy piecing together triangles for the Quilted Reversible Sling Bag to participate that week! BUT that turned out to be a good investment of time because I wound up in the top ten!

Quilted Reversible Sling Bag

Another Project Run and Play Monthly Challenge project.


Pattern: This is the Reversible Sling Bag by Sugar Bee Crafts. Since it’s for my little one, I scaled the pattern down by about a third. One of my New Year’s Resolutions was to quilt something (anything) for the first time. I figured this would be a good opportunity, since it was fairly small. Then I realized that once you’ve go to the pains to piece your bits together… the last thing you want to do is slice it up! But it wasn’t perfect piecing at all, and clearly it’s a first attempt, so I hacked away. The quilt batting is just some extra fleece I had hanging around. I managed to do the whole thing without spending any money.


Fabric: a little bit of everything, which I love. I guess that’s part of the allure of quilting. There are so many memories in these fabrics. Dresses for Lottie, baby gifts for friends, a 50’s style apron for a friend who moved to Japan.


Lessons learned: oh, so many. So many. Like “oh, I’ll just quilt this up really quick.” It took forever. I picked a particularly difficult pattern I think. It’s based on this Triangle Quilt, scaled down by 50%. I really should have started out with solids. There’s a direction to the triangles and the alternating fabrics repeat. Such a great idea, right? Not so much when you have to rip out pieces over and over and over. Then there was the cutting it, which was painful. And the quilting of it. That’s where I learned how magnified every piecing error was. Yippee. And my machine… wow… my machine really did not want to sew through that thickness. Apparently this is what a walking foot is for? Yeah, I don’t have one of those. And, wow, it takes a lot of thread. I had wanted to do additional quilting lines, but I was running out of thread (and time) and my machine seemed increasingly grumpy, so it is what it is!

All in all, I actually like it quite a lot. It has a great feel to it. It’s visually interesting. I would definitely try it again. I think it would look good in black and grey. Larger and smaller. And I will quilt again! Maybe. Eventually.