Mini Mod Peacock Dress

Sewn for… a distraction from a super anxious and stressful week.

Peacock Dress 2Pattern: This is the Mini Mod Dress by Sewing in No Mans Land. It looks like she has taken her patterns down temporarily, I think to scale them up or something, but they’ll be back. I’ve sewn this pattern I think three times now. It’s such a quick sew and such a cute fit. I shortened the sleeves a bit.

Peacock Dress 3Fabric: I got this gorgeous peacock print from JoAnn’s at least a year ago and just never really had the right project for it. This week, we’ve been stressed waiting on some test results, and my anxiety has been through the roof, so I just had to grab something and start creating. This cotton is actually a little stiff and coarse, even though I prewashed it. I love the deep colors and the gold touches. Maybe it will soften with time. It’s just what you get from JoAnn’s I guess. The satin for the belt/button was originally intended to be for an Elsa dress, but I wound up using it for the Blue Flower Dream Dress (pictured at the top of the blog, which I have not actually blogged about, but should).

Peacock DressThese pictures are a little weird because Lottie downright refused to do a photo shot this morning, even though I let her watch an extra episode of Octonauts AND promised her a special treat. So I had to sneak these shots with my phone while we were looking at plants a Lowe’s. Sneaky Mommy needs to invest in a children’s dress form.

Peacock Dress 4Lottie’s response: in spite of her refusal to do a photo shoot for me, she really did like the dress. She wore it to church and kept it on almost all day (hence the wrinkles), until I had to remind her to change into play clothes to work outside with Daddy. She got loads of compliments on it at church. This color is really flattering on her, and the pattern is such a nice fit. I’m hopeful that it will get a lot of wear, even though the fabric is a little rough.