Pink Princess Dress

Sewn for Project Run and Play’s May Challenge: The Summer Chevrons Shirt.

Princess Dress 1Now that the weather has warmed and the flowers are blooming, Little Miss has decided she will only wear dresses. This also comes after I sewed up several pairs of new shorts for her. In true 4-year-old fashion.

Princess Dress FullShe also wants all of her dresses to be long enough that she doesn’t have to wear shorts with them. This part has proven to be a problem, since most of her dresses from last year are about knee length. If there’s an excuse to sew more dresses… I sew more dresses.

Princess Dress BodicePattern: this is a bit of a mash up of the challenge pattern, The Summer Chevrons Shirt by Crafty Cupboard, and the Tiered Maxi Skirt by Make It & Love It. Tragedy of all tragedies, I didn’t have enough fabric to make it as long as I wanted to. That bottom tier is 96 inches around, so I had to patch three pieces together.

Princess Dress FrontFabric: This is a very-lightweight satin from Ragtime. Frayed like craaaazzzyyy. Each tier of the maxi skirt is finished with a french seam because of that. The color match to our roses was accidental, but delightful. My original plan was for this to be all pink, no frills other than the features of the design. When I showed it to Lottie the first time, she immediately went to my trim box and started pawing through, eyes lit up, examining options. It was fascinating to see her mind working and really delighted me that she was thinking “How should I embellish this dress?” Wee seamstress in the making! She had an aha moment, went to her room, and came back with this sequined belt, which came from JoAnn’s and is part of another dress I made her about a year ago. She was so excited about the match, I made it work.

Princess Dress BeltLottie’s response: Loved it. Didn’t want to change out of it. Wanted to wear it to Grandma’s house. She decided it looked like Sleeping Beauty’s dress, so we’re calling it her princess dress (unlike the thirty other princess dresses she already has).


4 thoughts on “Pink Princess Dress

  1. Ohhh, those strong opinions sound familiar! We had a long-dresses-only phase around here, and this dress would have been quite a favorite! My five-year-old recently entered a leggings-and-t-shirts period, so we’ll see if I can still entice her into any of the dresses from last summer!


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