Knot Romper

Sewn for Project Run and Play’s March Challenge.

Knot Romper

Pattern: Based on the Free Knot Dress Pattern from The Sewing Rabbit. I loved the idea of this pattern, and I love the versions on her website. But… I feel like the knots are too big on my little one. They are essentially one size fits all. I think the back knots were graded. The straps and bottom knots seem too big to me. I used the size 4 bodice. I added the center waistband piece to extend the bodice and cut it on the bias to break up the plaids. I knew they wouldn’t match up anyway. I like the bias strip, but I do wish it was lower.

I gathered the shorts to match them to the waistband. On the top, I added darts so everything came together.

Knot Romper Shorts

The shorts were self-drafted. I like the knot concept on the sides, but again I think they’re a little big. But cute idea.

Fabric: This fabric came from my mother’s stash. It was originally used for a pair of shorts for me in the late 80’s. Does that mean it’s vintage? What better fabric to use for a romper! That calls for a swanky 80’s pose:

Knot Romper2

Lottie’s response: I didn’t get to see her initial response, but she did say she liked it, and I had a hard time getting her to change out of it. She did ham it up for the pictures and seemed to like prancing around in it. I think we all agree that the back is the cutest thing ever. I will definitely be using this idea again.

Knot Romper Back