KCW Project #2 Valentine’s Jammies

I’ve had these pants for years, and I honestly don’t think they ever fit me properly. They were short in a truly comedic way. I should have taken a before picture of myself wearing them. Aside from the length problem, they weren’t cut with the grain properly either, so the legs were twisty and wonky.

IMG_0315Anyway, I’ve kept them because… I don’t know really. It’s not like I was ever planning to lose height. I considered turning them into shorts, but they’re flannel, so there’s not a lot of use for hot shorts. They were definitely bottom-of-the-drawer. Lottie has always loved these though. So Valentine’s Jammies it is!

Valentines Jammies1Pattern: None. Just winged it based on a pair of her current PJ pants. I made them extra long, apparently to make them do their penance for being too short for me. The top is a boys Hanes T-shirt. It’s quite ill-fitting, really, but I figured it was good enough for PJs.

Valentines Jammies2Lottie’s Response: Again, she loved them, and wanted to wear them right away. I was worried that she’d be a little cold though. Tonight, when I asked if she wanted to wear them again, she said no. So, we’ll see how much use they’ll actually get.

Valentines Jammies



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