KCW Project #1: Mommy Dress to Lottie Dress

Behold this lovely dress. Bright and springy, lovely drape, flattering cut…


…and also way too small for me. It was one of my favorites back before Lottie was born, so I hung on to it, I guess with some notion that I would lose critical bone mass, maybe? I mean, it’s not just a little snug around the tummy. It’s like my actual bones got bigger. So rather than hang onto it until I’m 90, or somehow otherwise shrunken, I turned it into a little Bohemian Girl dress for Lottie.

Picnic Dress Back

Pattern: I used the bodice from The Cottage Mama Summer Picnic Dress and just gathered the heck out of the skirt. I reused the skirt lining but had to make a new bodice lining. I was able to use the existing hem and used a bit of the original bodice for the straps.

DSC_2553 DSC_2557

Lottie’s response: seemed quite happy with it. She wore it all day Sunday. It’s quite the dancing dress. And also just the look for a Bohemian guitar player.


You know, just a little hippy girl, strumming her guitar. I’m pretty sure I went to college with this chic.




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