Baby Goodies

One of this week’s projects was this little dress set for a high school friend who is expecting a baby girl. I forgot how tiny newborn clothes are. And it kind of makes me want to squeal.


Pattern: Eh, just kind of made it up. It’s similar to a toddler pattern I have, and I referenced an infant pattern for size. The bloomers are from Melly Sews. This is the best looking bloomer pattern I’ve tried, but I really don’t know how they’re going to fit. The pattern looks huge, like I could be making ruffle butt bloomers for myself, but it came together nicely.

Infant Pheasant Dress

Fabric: the polka dots are from Joann’s, leftover from a dress I made for Lottie. The pink is actually from a set of sheets. I’ve made at least five things now — including a full size adult woman’s Sally from Peanuts costume for a friend — from these sheets. Lightweight, super soft, and there’s still plenty left!

Infant Pheasant Dress Bloomers

Problems: Aside from not being sure about the sizing, none. You sure do get a lot of bang for the buck with teeny weeny baby clothes. I did add one special touch. I attached the ruffle to the dress with a french seam. Nobody wants some ugly seam hanging out near tiny newborn legs! It wouldn’t have worked with most fabrics, but these sheets, man. They’re working hard. It came out nice and clean, and there are no unfinished seams in either piece. I also did french seams on the sides of the bloomers and dress.

Infant Pheasant Dress Seam

Lottie’s response: “Mommy, I’m not sure that’s gonna fit.” Good call, since she’s four. Smart kid, that one.

Now to get it off in the mail. Baby’s due Wednesday!


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